About Us


The Central Valley is a wonderful place to call home. My husband, Jeff, and I have always considered it to be California’s best kept secret. Not only does the Central Valley provide quality, affordable housing, it offers quick and easy access to California’s beautiful Pacific Coast, magnificent Sierra Nevada mountains, the sunshine of Southern California, and the diverse personality of the Bay Area. Plus, with the Central Valley’s four distinct seasons, there’s plenty of fun right here at home!
I’ve been privileged to own and operate a small business for over 20 years and it’s taught me the importance of developing relationships involving trust, honesty and integrity. I bring these qualities to you so that you can comfortably realize your real estate goals. 
Working together is truly the key to true and lasting professional relationships, and I look forward to the privilege of being an important part of our new partnership to make your dreams come true.

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As a native of Fresno, I'm intimately familiar with the Central Valley. Following college in the Bay Area, my wife, Diane, and I returned to Fresno because of the wonderful things the Central Valley offers - one of which is quality, affordable housing. The American dream of home ownership is alive and well in the Central Valley which was a strong, driving force of my wife's and my return. Plus, whether a quick trip to coast or a ride to the magnificent Sierras, you're never more than a few hours from some of the best of California's offerings. Diane and I are proud of our Valley roots and I'm eager to share my enthusiasm and knowledge with you in your pursuit of your real estate needs. And yes... our last name really is "House!"



FresYes Realty / Fresyes.com is the creation of Jason Farris. FresYes is a real estate brokerage. However, it's so much more than buying and selling homes. It's all about the lifestyle; it's all about community. 
We're blessed to have such a wonderful sense of community in Fresno and Clovis, and FresYes is a place that best reflects the people, the places and the lifestyle that we all call home.
Diane and I love our association with such a wonderful community-minded brokerage and concept. We think you'll love it too!